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An Update oF China’s Domestic Primary Magnesium Industry

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Thursday, 24 February 2022
08:00 CST US | 09:00 EST US | 15:00 CET | 22:00 Beijing
Webinar Online via Zoom
United States
Alan Clark/CM Group
IMA Office
+1 651.379.7305

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CRM-A Webinar

The Essential Use Concept & its implications on the CRM industry 2 February 2022

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CRM Day 2022

The Sustainable Products Initiative and its potential impact on CRM value chains 23 March 2022

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Bauxite Market Specialists

CM is a privately owned, independent, global commodity research company specialising across a range of base metals, minor metals and minerals industries. CM is a world leader in the global bauxite market, and publishes its own bauxite price index, CBIX. For information about CBIX and CM’s capability in the global bauxite market, please click the contact us link at the top. CM’s combination of a proven primary research capability and researchers who are approachable, dependable and naturally inquisitive, offers an alternative means of collecting, synthesising and analysing industry data to provide deeper and more revealing insights.

Magnesium Industry Specialists

CM is a privately owned, independent, global commodity research company specialising across a range of base metals, minor metals and minerals industries. CM is a world leader in the global magnesium industry, having conducted multiple deep-diving assessments focusing on global supply demand, technology developments, logistics and the outlook for prices. CM has been involved in the global magnesium industry for well over 20 years and currently publishes a monthly magnesium market review, which focuses on China’s primary magnesium supply and the key influences driving industry behaviour. For information about CM’s capability in the global magnesium market, please click the contact us link.

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Industries We Cover

CM has developed and refined a mature business model based on providing services across the aluminium value chain and servicing the various needs of a wide range of clients. Our aim is to continue improving the model and to develop customized business modules for a selection of other non-ferrous metals. The company is also endeavouring to take on more China-centric industries, thereby utilising its strongest asset.

Industry News

CM collects industry news of various metals on a daily basis in a timely style, which is incorporated into our analysis once verified.

Latest Reports

CM has forged a reputation for delivering its analysis and findings in plain, simple language. We can explain the industries, the markets, the key players and provide the right context for our clients to make informed decisions.

The CM Timeline

Over the past two decades, CM has provided industry advisory services to a wide range of organisations, including miners, traders, investment banks, fund managers, governments and a wide range of industry bodies.

August 1999

Clark & Marron (C&M) Pty Ltd was established in response to a growing need for detailed supply-side industry analysis, particularly in base metals, and the potential impact on base metals markets of a growing global presence from China.

January 2001

C&M forges a unique partnership with Antaike, China’s State-owned metals industry information provider, which leads to successful cooperation between the two companies over a six-year period. C&M conducts multiple field studies across China’s base metals industries to create its own views and industry insights.

April 2007

C&M’s Beijing Representative Office (BRO) was officially established, a major step in the company’s China-oriented business development strategy.

January 2010

C&M’s first special report on Guinea for a large Chinese SOE company.

C&M also conducts a country-wide analysis of China’s bulk materials movements, including rail, road and waterways, focusing on the coal, iron ore and bauxite sectors.  This major study was aimed at understanding the evolution of China’s transport network and the potential impact on bulk commodity prices.

November 2011

CMAAX, one of China’s first alumina price indexes, was developed in cooperation with Aladdiny. CMAAX provides a fully independent and impartial assessment of China’s SGA market, compiled and published by C&M.

October 2012

The company restructured, changing its name from Clark & Marron Pty Ltd to The CM Group.net Pty Ltd, marking a major transformation in structure, management and strategy.

December 2012

Internal assessment of bauxite pricing developed, from which the company would successfully launch its new bauxite reference pricing, CBIX. Valuable experience gained, solid knowledge acquired and much industry consultation all leading to the development of the CBIX index.

January 2014

CBIX, the world’s first bauxite index incorporating the ViU concept in bauxite, was officially released to the industry, a milestone event in CM’s history, leading to a milestone year in bauxite projects. CM subsequently consolidated its position as the world’s leading bauxite industry consultants, deepening and diversifying its bauxite research and analytical capability.

CBIX has emerged as the benchmark bauxite price index of choice for the global bauxite industry.

September 2014

Tin was added to CM’s business profile, with the successful completion of a deep-dive study into the tin industries in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

October 2015

CM Chengdu Office was established, with Mike Lei appointed as head. Over the years, this office has grown into a strong team serving as the company’s base in southwest China and developing a broad network, connecting China and Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

March 2016

CM’s first Scandium project, entitled Strategic Outlook for the Scandium Market.

August 2016

CBIX term sheet was developed in conjunction with one of the world’s top mining companies. Development of further bauxite reference prices (North Australia, South America, West Africa, etc.), laying the foundation for the strategic plan of publishing a more comprehensive set of reference prices in order to better reflect regional market conditions.

CM made the first bauxite field trip to Guinea, which marked the extension of CM’s business footprint to Africa.

November 2016

CM produces the first report on Guinea’s booming Bauxite Mining Industry, released with the backdrop of the start of Guinea’s current mining boom.

July 2018

CM Singapore Office officially opened. This is a move aimed at maintaining closer relationships with CM’s growing client base in Singapore.

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