Traditionally the global alumina market has been viewed as two separate markets; China and Rest of World (ROW). From time to time, the ROW market finds itself in temporary surplus, at which point China has acted to absorb the surplus into its growing aluminium smelting sector. When the ROW market has found itself in deficit, it is usually ROW alumina producers who increase production to make up the temporary shortfall.

More recently, the ROW market has experienced some significant disruptions, leading to major imbalances and a requirement for China to swing production into the export market. China’s ability to become a net exporter of alumina brings both markets closer together than ever before.

CM has been active in the global alumina sector for decades, particularly in China, where the company is in constant contact with China’s major alumina producers, technology providers, government and industry bodies, as well as raw materials suppliers, such as bauxite and caustic soda.

CM provides a wide range of global alumina consulting services, including price forecasts, global cost curve modelling and technology comparisons and assessments.


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