CM provides independent advisory services, specialising in value-chain analysis across a range of base and minor metals, including aluminium, zinc, copper, molybdenum, nickel (NPI), magnesium, manganese, tungsten, scandium and titanium (mineral sands). Each of these industries and markets has a strong link to China, either on the supply-side or the demand-side or, in many cases, both.

Sometimes operating in a silo can be a benefit; CM recently turned its attention to China’s booming domestic graphite market. We took a bottom-up, in-amongst-the-weeds approach to gathering data about China’s natural graphite reserves and resources and the costs to produce different grades and shapes of graphite in different regions. We then analysed and synthesised the data and findings to generate a truly independent view about the cost competitiveness of different domestic graphite grades relative to imported graphite.

It is this proven track record to conduct targeted, focused and highly specialised fieldwork-based research projects that has kept our long-term clients coming back year after year.

The output from our research includes in-depth, detailed industry analyses, supply demand forecasts, cost modelling, price forecasting and trends, and bankable marketing reports used in feasibility studies and other documents targeted at the finance community.

Everything about Aluminium

Our experiences and capabilities in the global aluminium industry span the entire value-chain; from bauxite mining through alumina and primary aluminium production, to semi-fabricated products and recycling. CM’s experts have advised the world’s largest mining houses, refiners, smelters, industry bodies, governments, NGOs and many other groups associated with the industry.

Selective Collection of Metals

Besides aluminium, CM is also the choice provider of market intelligence for many other non-ferrous metals industries including tungsten, magnesium, nickel, scandium, etc.

China-Centric Industries

Over the past two decade, we have conducted a wide range of consulting projects covering commodity industries right across China, from Xinjiang to Hainan Island. Our ability to conduct detailed assessments in China is a core capability of the business.

Extended Industries

With over two decades of advisory experiences, well-established methodologies and an unparalleled and enviable industry network, CM is well positioned to explore into new industries and has done so by taking on new challenges at the request of our clients.

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