The global traded bauxite market has entered a period of significant transformation, driven by the emergence of ‘merchant’ refineries importing bauxite into China. More recently, we’ve observed the early signs of structural grade depletion of China’s domestic bauxite reserves which, combined with strong alumina growth, create a significant opportunity for bauxite miners the world over.

CM is a world authority on the global bauxite market; its history, current trajectory and its future. We’ve been pioneering the collection, assimilation, compilation and analysis of global bauxite reserve and resource data, including China. CM has also developed its own Value-in-Use (ViU) analytical and assessment techniques to compare vastly different bauxites and forecast their relative ViU-adjusted values.

CM is also the developer of the world’s first bauxite reference price index, known as CBIX. The CBIX index provides the global market with a snapshot into bauxite price trends in the world’s largest traded bauxite market, China.

CM provides a range of bauxite market products and services, from weekly and monthly market updates, through to specific country reports (Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia) and detailed bankable market studies and 10-year industry outlooks.


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