We’ve learnt over the years that each of our clients is unique, as are their cultures and their particular delivery requirements.

CM works closely with each client to tailor deliverables for seamless integration into existing systems or into larger projects or analytical frameworks. Our key deliverables include supply demand balances and outlooks, industry cost structures (including cost curves), price forecasts, operational capability comparisons, logistics assessments, technology developments and advisory on government policy.

Over the past 20 years, CM has forged a reputation for delivering objective, independent and thorough industry analysis – and for keeping it simple. We can explain industries, markets, key players and many other critical industry influences in various corporate environments such as workshops, presentations or just basic reports, all in the form of easily digestible analysis based on a standard and straightforward sets of charts, tables and figures that provide the right context.


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CM has forged a reputation for delivering its analysis and findings in plain, simple language. We can explain the industries, the markets, the key players and provide the right context for our clients to make informed decisions.

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