CM’s mission is, and always has been, to provide clients with fully researched, independent and insightful industry analysis. Our passion is to position our clients ahead of the competition by generating leading-edge industry and market insights.

Our approach is best summarized by three key stages

1. The best data – we go where we need to go to get the best data, which means miles of boot leather and plenty of passport stamps. Our teams are constantly in the field, collecting the information we need to populate our internal models. We use both top-down and bottom-up techniques, invariably though, we find ourselves ‘in amongst the weeds’ gathering our own primary data. Our teams are trained to follow audit trails and to be curious in their approach to interpreting data. Field-study plans often change mid-stream, as we pursue outliers and follow our instincts.

2. Careful analysis – a clear, critical and creative approach to building models and interpreting their output. No preconceived views and minimal influence from the positions of our clients, our competitors or our contemporaries.

3. Generating insights – considering all the possibilities in the context of our analyses and our understanding of industry behaviour, we thrive on generating our own industry views from our own unique perspective, whether it’s confirming the mundane, generating valuable industry insights, or a breakthrough moment.

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