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Guangxi Huasheng’s bauxite stockyard in Fangchenggang, covers an area over 110,000 square meters, and is the largest modern bauxite stockyard in Asia.

Huasheng refinery is reliant on imported bauxite for alumina refining, and its first imported bauxite shipment from Guinea arrived Yunyue Diaojiang wharf, Fangchenggang Port on 3 June 2020. A 8.2 km bauxite conveyor belt connects Yunyue Diaojiang wharf to the Huasheng bauxite stockyard. Construction of the stockyard was not complete on 3 June, seeing Huasheng commission China First Metallurgical Group Fangchenggang Branch to complete the build in eight days. China First Metallurgical Group Fangchenggang Branch accomplished the task on time and received praise from Guangxi Huasheng.


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