Molybdenum (moly) is most widely used in the iron and steel-making process for increasing strength, hardenability, weldability, toughness, elevated temperature strength and corrosion resistance.

Following the GFC, the global moly market entered a challenging period as a result of oversupply and the collapse in oil prices, which dragged down demand. World moly growth remained steady (CAGR3.9%) leading up to 2014, but dropped again as prices fell, causing many producers, especially primary producers in China, to suspend operations. By 2017, China was producing an estimated 90kt of moly contained in concentrate, representing around 35% of the total market.

CM’s research into China’s moly supply base dates back to 2007, when China emerged as a potential supplier into the global market. CM occasionally publishes updated editions of its original “Ten-Year Outlook of China’s Molybdenum Industry”. Our research covers the entire industry value chain, from ore and concentrate, through molybdenum oxide (TMo), ferro-molybdenum (FeMo) as well as molybdenum chemical products. We constantly monitor China’s market dynamics and maintain a close relationship with top producers in each industry sector in China.

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