Over the past ten years, the global primary aluminium industry has undergone profound change, particularly as a result of China emerging as a powerhouse production base, accounting for around 60% of global smelting capacity by end-2018. The rise of China has impacted global aluminium prices, as well as significantly affecting global metal trade flows, with an increasing volume of the metal being exported from China.

As the world’s transport sector seeks to achieve increasingly strict emissions and fuel efficiency targets, aluminium is well-positioned to play a leading role in vehicle weight reduction, especially as the world transitions to heavier electric vehicles (EVs), where weight reduction will become a critical issue.

CM offers a range of consulting products and services relating to the world’s primary aluminium sector, especially issues directly related to China’s smelting sector such as industry cost structure, major raw materials inputs (alumina and electricity), private vs SOE operational differences, technology developments, government policy, as well as a general outlook for the sector.

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