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Zhuochuang Consultancy: As of end-December, China had a total of 45.17 mtpy of completed primary aluminum capacity, of which 34.11 mtpy was operational. Domestic smelters actively pursued new startups and resumptions in Q4 2019 thanks to increasing margins driven by rising prices – and reached an annual high in December 2019. During December 2019, Guangyuan Linfeng came online, Baihe Aluminium, Wester Hydro, and Xinjiang Xinfa resumed operations, and Western Hydro achieved full capacity operation.


Looking forward to 2020, new capacity startups and resumptions are likely to continue during 2020. Yunnan Qiya and other smelters in Yunnan are scheduled to come online in early 2020 and some growth is expected in IM due to increased settlement of capacity replacement quotas. As a result, domestic primary aluminium supply is expected to be on the rise in early 2020.



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