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Zhongwang Xintai Aluminium, designed with 460 ktpy aluminium capacity comprising 336 sets of 500 kA cells, has come fully online since mid-October. The company produced 32 kt of primary aluminium in September; its October output is expected at 35 kt, with November at 38 kt, showing a continuous upward trend.

Zhongwang has two aluminium smelters in Liaoning with total capacity of 890 kt. The other Zhongwang smelter with 430 ktpy capacity suspended operations in July 2019.

Xintai produced 480 kt of primary aluminium in 2018 and has made 500 kt in the year to date, with an output target of 600 kt for 2019. All of the aluminium produced will be used for downstream processing within the Zhongwang Group.

Mainstream aluminium ingot prices stood at RMB13,920~14,020/t at Shanghai warehouses this Monday, down RMB40/t from the previous trade day.


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