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Henan Zhongmei, designed with 400 ktpy alumina capacity, began maintenance on its alumina calcination furnace last week and the time of completion is undecided yet.

The company has two 200 ktpy alumina production line and one alumina calcination furnace, but only one production line has been operational over the last two months. According to an inside source, during the time when the calcination furnace is on maintenance, the alumina precipitation process will remain operational. The company currently holds no alumina in stock at present.

Zhongmei produced 18 kt of alumina in February and 20 kt in March 2020. The company produced 330 kt of alumina during 2019.

Mainstream alumina prices currently stand at RMB2,340~2,390/t in Henan, down by RMB50/t from early this week.


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