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Phase II of Yunnan Shenhuo’s 150 ktpy primary aluminium project formally came online on 1st June and is set to reach full operation in a month’s time.

Yunnan Shenhuo, designed with total 450 ktpy capacity, brought phase I (150 ktpy) online in February 2020, reaching full operation in April. The company powered up 110 sets of 500 kA cells of its Phase II project (also 150 ktpy) on 1st June and full capacity operation can be expected in a month. Yunnan Shenhuo will produce aluminium ingot and the parent Group company will be responsible for sales.

The company produced 12 kt of primary aluminium in May and its June output is likely to grow slightly. It currently holds no stock.

Mainstream aluminium ingot prices at Guangzhou warehouses currently stand at RMB13,430~13,530/t last Friday, down by RMB30/t from last Thursday.


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