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Construction of Yunnan Qiya’s hydro-power-primary aluminium project at Xinghe Industrial Park Heqing, Yunnan Province began at the end of 2018. Backed by total investment of RMB2.1 bln from Sichuan Qiya Group, the project has been designed with 700 ktpy primary aluminium capacity which is to be developed in two phases of 350 ktpy capacity each.

Yunnan Qiya is set to bring 100 ktpy of its phase I project (total 350 ktpy) online in April 2020 and plans to gradually start the remaining capacity in 2020 with an annual output target of 150 kt. Phase I is being installed with 250 sets of 500kA cells and the applicable local electricity price is RMB0.25/kWh.

Sichuan Qiya has a 1 mtpy alumina refinery in Guizhou and a 900 ktpy primary aluminium smelter in Xinjiang. Sichuan Qiya, the parent company will provide alumina to Yunnan Qiya, but Yunnan Qiya will have to source carbon anode and aluminium fluoride from the market.

Mainstream aluminium ingot transaction prices were RMB14,340~14,440/t in southwestern China, down RMB110/t from last Friday.

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