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Yunnan Aluminium plans to produce 1.8 mln t of primary aluminium in 2019, up 12.5% from 1.6 mln t in 2018.

Yunnan Aluminium Co. Ltd. has seven aluminium smelters with total aluminium capacity of 2.13 mtpy. Two new smelters, Haixin and Yixin, with capacity of 250 ktpy and 200 ktpy, came online in end-March and end-June respectively. The company produced 800 kt of primary aluminium in H1 2019 and is now running close to full capacity operation (2.13 mtpy).

Yunnan Aluminium plans to expand its total capacity to 2.7 mtpy by end- 2020.

Mainstream aluminium ingot transaction prices were RMB 14,420~14,520/t at Guangzhou warehouses this Wednesday, up RMB 80/t from Tuesday, marking a three-month high.


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