Yunnan Government

The local authority of Yunnan published; “Action Plan for New Energy Battery Industry Development 2022~2024”. The Plan states that:

  • By end-2022, the scale of the new energy battery industry is to expand further to a total value of RMB 20 bln.
  • By end-2023, with new projects coming online and a more complete industrial chain, the industrial value is to increase to RMB 50 bln.
  • By end-2024, the total industrial value is to exceed RMB 100 bln, with annual capacity of:
  • 1 mtpy of battery cathode material
  • 500 ktpy of battery anode materials
  • 5 billion square meters of battery diaphragm
  • 200 ktpy of electrolyte
  • 90 ktpy of copper foil
  • 50 GWh of power battery and energy storage battery
  • 200 ktpy of battery recycling

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