Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

Yunhai Metals: According to an announcement from Yunhai Metals; “100% of primary magnesium that we produced is used internally for magnesium alloy production by the company. We currently have some initial R&D works underway on magnesium hydrogen storage batteries; but have no plans for magnesium secondary cell or magnesium air batteries – the two areas we may work on in the future.”

In response to China’s “Dual Carbon Goals”, the company is conducting technology upgrades on its existing Pidgeon process in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption; meanwhile, the company is researching the aluminothermic reduction process for magnesium smelting, which is progressing smoothly.

In addition, the company has ordered two 7 kt new energy automobile integrated die casting machines from Guangdong Yizumi for the manufacture of integrated automobile die castings and magnesium alloy building plates.

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