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Xinghua Technology at Jiaokou Shanxi, a small alumina refinery under the Chalco Group, suspended use of domestic bauxite in early December.

The company has total alumina capacity of 900 ktpy consisting of two alumina production lines of 350 ktpy (HT) and 550 ktpy (LT) respectively. Due to a further tightening of local bauxite supply, Xinghua suspended the 350 ktpy HT production line in early December and is currently operating the 550 ktpy LT production line using imported bauxite.

The company consumed 110 kt of domestic bauxite and 130 kt of imported bauxite for refining in November, and its monthly consumption of imported bauxite is expected at 170 kt for December. The company currently holds 50 kt of Indonesian bauxite and has no domestic bauxite in stock,.

The company is capable of consuming 2.1 mln t of bauxite. Its domestic bauxite consumption was 1.1 mln t in 2019, falling from 1.9 mln t in 2018. The company began using imported bauxite (mainly from Indonesia) in September 2019, with total annual consumption estimated at 600 kt.

At present, mainstream bauxite prices (A/S=5.0) stand at RMB470~480/t delivered in Shanxi.


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