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Xing’an Chemicals, with alumina capacity of 3 mtpy, can consume up to 7.2 mln t of bauxite per annum. The company began curtailing capacity in the first week of July due to being in loss, cutting bauxite consumption accordingly. The company consumed 600 kt of bauxite for alumina refining in July, a figure that is expected to drop to 500 kt in August, but is looking to resume normal operations in September 2019.

Lacking a captive bauxite mine, Xing’an Chemicals sources all of its bauxite from the market. The company consumed 6.4 mln t of bauxite in 2018, while consumption during the first seven months of 2019 totaled 4 mln t.

At present, local bauxite prices with A/S grade at 5 stand at RMB 500/t in Shanxi, delivered without tax, a decline of RMB 10/t on the same period last month.

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