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Western Hydropower is prepared to resume 50 ktpy primary aluminium capacity within a week. Western Hydropower has two aluminium production lines, one of 150 ktpy capacity comprising 236 sets of 240 kA electrolytic cells and the other of 300 ktpy capacity comprising 272 sets of 420kA cells. The company suspended its 150 ktpy production line in November 2018 under pressure from low prices. The company has decided to restart the 150 ktpy production line in three phases of 50 kt each. As of end-June, the first phase of 50 ktpy capacity had been resumed; resumption of the second phase started in early September and was expected to be completed in a week.

Western Hydropower’s October output is expected at 31 kt, up 1 kt from September. The company produced 420 kt of aluminium in 2018, with 300 kt output in the year to date and an annual output target of 380 kt.



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