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1st March 2021: Tsingshan Holding Group has signed a one-year contract to supply nickel matte to Huayou Cobalt Co and CNGF Advanced Material Co. Under the agreement, Tsingshan will supply 60 kt of nickel matte to Huayou and 40 kt to CNGR within a year, starting from October 2021.

Tsingshan Group began trial operations of its nickel matte project in Morowali Indonesia in July 2020; the technology had matured by end-2020 and has now reached a stage of stable operation. Tsingshan expects nickel output to reach 600 kt (in Ni metal equivalent) in 2021, 850 kt in 2022 and 1.1 mln t in 2023. Tsingshan reserves all rights to adjust output subject to changes in market demand and pricing.


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