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Xiaoyi Tianyuan Chemical originally intended to use imported bauxite for alumina refining in December 2019 but has decided to postpone the plan.


Tianyuan Chemical completed HT to LT conversion technology upgrades on one alumina production line in late November and planned to start using imported bauxite in December. But the company has postponed the plan due to a combination of factors including more stringent environmental rules during winter, severe weather curbing operations and issues regarding bauxite transport from port to refinery (campaign against overloaded trucks). According to an inside source, the company currently holds 50 kt of Guinean bauxite in stock at the refinery and about 120 in addition at the port. The company is now looking to use imported bauxite in February 2020.


The company used domestic bauxite for alumina refining during December, with consumption estimated at 60 kt, the same as November. It currently holds 100 kt of domestic bauxite in stock.


The company is capable of using 1.2 mln t of bauxite per annum, with its 2018 consumption at 900 kt and an estimate of 700 kt for 2019.


At present, mainstream bauxite prices in Shanxi at grade A/S 5.0 are stable at RMB460~500/t delivered without taxes.




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