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 3rd January 2020: Tianshan Aluminium’s first Guinean bauxite shipment, transported by Jizhong Energy International Logistics arrived at Fangchenggang Port Guangxi; also the first arrival of a 170 kt CAPE vessel at Fangchenggang. The shipment departed Guinea on 12th November, arriving at Fangchengang Port after a 51-day journey of 11,400 sea miles. Tianshan Aluminium’s second bauxite shipment from Guinea is scheduled to arrive at Fangchenggang Port by end-January.

The bauxite imports are destined for Tiangui Aluminium, Tianshan’s alumina refinery in Guangxi. Designed with 2.5 mtpy alumina capacity, Tiangui alumina refinery came online in November 2019 and is currently operating at 800 ktpy capacity (phase I), with project developments phase II and III underway.


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