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Jingxi Tiangui Aluminium, designed with 800 ktpy alumina capacity in Phase I, started to use imported bauxite in October.

Guangxi Tiangui started trial operations in late October with its November bauxite consumption expected at approximately 200 kt. According to a company spokesman, ‘Our first shipment of 180 kt of Guinean bauxite is scheduled to arrive at Fangchenggang Port at the end of November. Fangchenggang is approximately 300 km to our refinery with a rail freight at RMB 100/t approximately’.

Tiangui uses both domestic bauxite and imported bauxite for alumina refining, and is capable of consuming 2.2 mln t of bauxite per annum. It currently holds 400 kt bauxite in stock, sustainable for two-month’s operation. The company plans no less than 1 mln t of bauxite imports for 2020.

The company’s Phase II alumina project which will add a further 800 ktpy capacity and is scheduled to come online by end-2020. The new capacity will use only imported bauxite.

At present, prices of Guinean bauxite of Al2O3 45% min, SiO2 3% max grade stand at USD 50~53/t, and are expected to be stable till end-November.


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