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Shanxi Xiaoyi Aluminium and Magnesium designed with 400 ktpy capacity, comprising a 150 ktpy and a 250 ktpy alumina production line. The 150 ktpy line has been suspended at the beginning of October 2019. The company’s daily output averages 500 t~600 t at present. The company produced 30 kt of alumina in September with its October output expected at 15 kt. Local bauxite supply has been tight recently and the company’s bauxite inventories are not enough to sustain one-week’s operation.

The company produced 350 kt of alumina in 2018 and its output during the first three quarters of 2019 totaled 230 kt with 2019 annual output anticipated at 280 kt.

At present, mainstream alumina prices stand at RMB 2,590~2,640/t ex-work in Shanxi, the same level as at the beginning of last week.


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