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The Security Committee of the State Council issued its ‘Notice to Shut Down Unsafe Non-Coal Mines.’ The Notice stipulates that local governments are to shut down non-coal mines which have unsafe operating conditions according to law, with an aim to prevent major safety risks.

In 2019, China is targeting a shut down in excess of 1,000 unsafe non-coal mines, which comprises 5 categories:

  1. Mines under suspension due to major safety risks but that have failed to accomplish rectification within the required time or failed to reach safe operation standards after rectification.
  2. Mines in violation of safety regulations, but which refuse to comply with safety rules and fail to complete relevant procedures within the required time.
  3. Mines (metal mines or non-metal mines) with coal as the associated product that fail to meet the national standard of coal mine operation.
  4. Adjacent mines with a minimum distance between each other of less than 300 meters.
  5. Tailings dams that have reached the upper limit of their designed capacity and are no longer in operation.

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