Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

 SMM: China produced 3.04 mln t of primary aluminium in December 2019, up 1.47% y-o-y, and China’s total primary aluminium output reached 35.43 mln t in 2019, down 1.84% y-o-y. Primary aluminium consumption reached 36.11 mln t, down 1.4% y-o-y.

Looking forward to January 2020, SMM forecast China’s primary aluminium capacity in operation to rise to 36.4 mtpy in the wake of increasing capacity resumptions and new startups including Guangyuan Zhongfu, Yunnan Shenhuo, Yunnan Heqing and IM Guyang. SMM forecast China’s primary aluminum output at 3.06 mln t, increasing over two consecutive months at a growth rate of 3.07% m-o-m.


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