Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

SMM: China produced 5.57 mln t of alumina (MGA) in August, with daily average output of 180 kt, a slight decline of 4 kt/day from July. The fall can be attributed to refinery productions cuts during the month at Xing’an Chemicals, Henan Huiyuan, Henan Zhongmei, Bosai Shuijiang, Shanxi Zhaofeng, East Hope Lingshi , SPIC Shanxi and others, driven by continued falling prices or by tightening bauxite supply.

Looking forward to September, Jiaokou Xinfa will resume production while Xing’an Chemicals will resume normal operations after maintenance. Meanwhile, tightening bauxite supply is expected to ease and refineries that previously suppressed operations when prices were low are likely to increase their daily output. SMM forecast China’ s alumina output (MGA) at 5.56 mln t in September, with daily average output of 185 kt, up slightly from August, representing the annual operational rate rising to 67.76 mtpy.


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