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Sichuan Qimingxing Aluminium, designed with 125 ktpy primary aluminium capacity comprising 168 sets of 300 kA electrolytic cells, has restarted previously idled capacity this week, ramping up to full capacity operation in two weeks.

The company undertook maintenance on ten 300kA cells in late March, (8 kt aluminium capacity) amid a weak market. It has restarted two cells to date and is soon to resume full capacity operation.

The company typically sells liquid aluminium to the local market. It produced 9.6 kt of aluminium in April, down from 10.4 kt in March 2020 and produced a total of 123 kt of aluminium in 2019.

Mainstream aluminium ingot transaction prices were RMB 12,800/t at Shanghai warehouses, up by RMB180/t. There was some activity in the spot market.


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