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The local authority of Sichuan recently released a strategy plan for developing a world-class vanadium-titanium base with a total industrial value of more than RMB 200 bln. Targets for 2025 include:

  • The comprehensive utilization rate of vanadium and titanium resources to exceed 55% and 35% respectively, and the comprehensive utilization rate of iron resources to reach 75%
  • Raw ore dressing capacity of vanadium-titanium to exceed 100 mtpy, standard vanadium slag capacity to reach 600 ktpy and titanium concentrate capacity to reach 8 mtpy
  • Vanadium (V2O5) capacity to reach 100 ktpy, vanadium electrolyte liquid capacity to reach 75,000 m3/year, and vanadium battery system integration reaches 1 GW/year;
  • TiO2 pigment capacity to reach 1.2 mtpy, with the proportion of TiO2 pigment by chloride process further increased
  • Titanium sponge and titanium ingot capacity to reach 100 ktpy and deep processing capacity of titanium materials to reach 50 ktpy

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