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Shuntai magnesium smelter at Baode, Xinzhou Shanxi is set to resume magnesium production on 16th September with daily production of 30 t and an expected total of 450 t in September.

The company suspended operations on 20th July amid harsh summer heat and the smelter was idled for maintenance during August.

Designed with magnesium capacity of 20 ktpy, the company produced 9.6 kt of magnesium in 2021 and 5.2 kt in the year to date.

Mainstream domestic magnesium prices currently stand at RMB 24,000~24,500/t ex-works by cash, holding stable from 6 September but down by RMB 1,000/t from 1 September. Most downstream buyers remain cautious, and industry commentators forecast prices to be stable at the current level next week.

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