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Henan Shenhuo, with 900 ktpy designed primary aluminium capacity in Yunnan, has almost completed construction of its Phase I, 450 ktpy primary aluminium project which began in November 2018. In Henan, Shenhuo’s 250 ktpy smelter suspended all operations since late May 2019.

Shenhuo is set to bring its Yunnan Phase I project on line by end-2019 and will gradually ramp up to full operation over the following three months. Yunnan Shenhuo will source alumina from Guangxi and presently holds 20 kt alumina in stock.

Shenhuo plans to complete the Phase II construction (additional 450 ktpy) by end-2020, ultimately reaching a capacity of 900 ktpy by end-2020. Total investment into the project is approximately RMB 6.7 bln.


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