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The Shanxi Provincial government recently published ‘2019 Action Plan for the Transformation and Upgrading of the Nonferrous Metals Industry in Shanxi’. The document stipulates that Shanxi is set to produce 1.1 mln t of primary aluminium, 200 kt of cathode copper and 100 kt of primary magnesium in 2019, increasing the total added-industrial-value of large industrial producers by 15% on-year.

In 2019, local authorities of Shanxi will rein in the management of allocation of bauxite resources and will crack down on illegal and unlicensed mining. Shanxi will strictly limit growth in alumina capacity, with no additional alumina capacity allowed in Shanxi except in the case of integrated alumina-primary aluminium-downstream deep processing projects. Primary aluminium deep processing, aluminium fabrication and recycled aluminium projects will be encouraged.  Local government will further the development of the entire industry chain including: ‘bauxite-alumina-primary aluminium-aluminum processing products’ and ‘coal-power generation-power grid-primary aluminium and aluminium processing products’.

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