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Chalco Shanxi Huaxing alumina refinery has three alumina production lines comprising one 1 mtpy and two 500 ktpy lines. At present, the two 500 ktpy lines are operational, and are capable of consuming 3.8 mtpy of bauxite per annum.

The company currently holds 150 kt of imported bauxite in stock and is expected to run out in June. Give the bleak market outlook, Huaxing has decided to stop using imported bauxite from June. The company used 100 kt of imported bauxite in April and estimates that May consumption will be at the same level.

The company used 140 kt of domestic bauxite for refining in April, and May consumption is estimated at 150 kt. Huaxing’s captive bauxite mines, designed with monthly mining capacity of 300 kt, are expected to produce 200 kt of bauxite in May. The company currently holds 100 kt of domestic bauxite in stock.

In Shanxi, domestic bauxite supply has been tight with prices of grade A/S 5.0 standing at RMB350~360/t, holding steady from last week. Guinean bauxite (Al2O3 45% min, SiO2 3% max grade) is USD44.5~45.5/t CIF China, down by USD0.5/t from last week. Domestic refineries’ demand for imported bauxite has been in decline recently.


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