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Shanxi Huaxing Aluminium designed with 2 mtpy alumina capacity, comprises two alumina production lines of 500 ktpy each and a 1 mtpy production line. One of its 500 ktpy alumina production line has been idle since April 2019 as a result of tightening bauxite supply. Three weeks ago, Huaxing suspended operations on the other 500 ktpy alumina production line due to problems with the precipitation process when using Australian bauxite. Huaxing is planning to restart this 500 ktpy production line in early October, increasing its operational capacity to 1.5 mtpy.

Huaxing consumed 100 kt of Australian bauxite in September, ramping up to 150 kt in October. The company presently holds 300 kt of Australian bauxite in stock. Huaxing is capable of consuming 6 mln t of bauxite per annum, with consumption of 4.7 mln t in 2018 and 2.7 mln t for the first three quarters of 2019.

The company consumed 250 kt of domestic bauxite in September and  consumption for October is expected to be the same. The company currently holds 100 kt of domestic bauxite in stock.

At present, Australian bauxite at Al2O3 52% min, SIO2 10% max grade is USD 45.2/t CIF China, the same as last month; meanwhile, bauxite prices at grade A/S:5 stand at RMB 490/t (ex-work, without taxes) in Shanxi, up RMB 10/t from the end of August.


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