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Shanxi Huaxing Aluminium designed with 2 mtpy alumina capacity, comprising two alumina production lines of 500 ktpy and a 1 mtpy line. One of the 500 ktpy lines was under suspension with only 1.5 mtpy capacity in operation during September. At the beginning of October, the company suspended the large line (1 mtpy) and restarted the smaller line (500 ktpy) due to tightening bauxite supply. At present, total alumina capacity in operation of Huaxing reaches 1 mtpy (two 500 ktpy lines) with average daily output of 2.9 kt.

It is estimated that the company’s output for October will be 90 kt, slightly lower than the level of 110 kt set in September. Huaxing produced 1.7 mln t of alumina in 2018, and 800 kt alumina during the first three quarters of 2019 with total 2019 output estimated at 1.1 mln t.

At present, mainstream alumina prices stand at RMB 2,590~2640/t ex-works in Shanxi, and have been stable since the beginning of this week.


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