Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

The local authorities of Shanxi published ‘Shanxi 2020 Nonferrous Metals Industry Action Plan’, unveiling a raft of policies to facilitate the development of the aluminium industry in Shanxi:

  1. Improvement of local bauxite supply in Shanxi
  • Crack down on illegal bauxite mining
  • Regulate bauxite mining activities
  • Strengthen exploration/mining of under coal-bed bauxite resources
  • Prioritize bauxite resource allocations to integrated aluminium smelters who relocate capacity to Shanxi
  1. Control of alumina capacity growth
    • Establish a system for alumina project registration and management. No registration of new alumina projects will be allowed without allocated bauxite resources or associated red-mud stocking and processing measures
    • Gradually containing the capacity of SGA (smelting grade alumina), encouraging SGA refineries to improve value-adds by developing various alumina products and new aluminum-based materials
  2. Enriching and completing local primary aluminium industry.
  • Accelerate activity of existing local primary aluminium capacity
  • Set up three 200 ktpy (minimum) recycled aluminum projects in south, central and northern Shanxi
  1. Development of leading producers in both Luliang and Yuncheng, making them centers of aluminium and magnesium smelting


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