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Shandong authorities recently published ‘Opinions on Promoting the Overall Development of Ecological Environmental Protection and High-quality Economy’. The report proposes comprehensive evaluation of regional development across both economic and environmental indicators. The aim is to integrate environmental protection, safe production, energy conservation, emission reduction, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement under the overarching principle of high-quality development.


In the case of support projects associated with high energy consumption industries such as alumina refineries, captive power plants and small thermal power plants, after matching requirements of the entire industrial chain, no new projects will be approved, and the capacity scale and layout of these projects must be adjusted to a reasonable size as soon as possible. By end-October 2020, transformation to ultra-low emissions across the entire production process of the iron and steel industry is to be completed, and all new projects relocated to new sites must be constructed in accordance with the requirements of ultra-low emissions.



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