Sanmenxia City Government News-20191009

According to the recently compiled ‘Sanmenxia Aluminum Industry Development Implementation Plan’, the Sanmenxia Aluminum Industry Development includes:

  1. Construction of green bauxite mines in strict accordance with industry standards, and implementation of ecological restoration projects. Stricter provincial environmental measures (as compared to national standards) will be implemented.
  2. Annual alumina capacity of Sanmenxia to be stable at 5mtpy by end-2020. The annual capacity of deep-processing products such as high-end aluminium hub and aluminium strip are to increase to in excess of 400ktpy.
  3. Development of an alumina and primary aluminium logistics hub based on Sanmenxia’s convenient location, with an aim of attracting smelters from Xinjiang and IM to develop warehouses for primary aluminum storage and delivery in the city. Encouraging Mianchi County to develop warehouses and logistics for alumina storage and delivery.
  4. Phase out of primary aluminium capacity in the central city area by end-2020. Retention of 240ktpy primary aluminium capacity in Sanmenxia and cutting electricity prices for primary aluminium smelting by reforms in the pricing system. Allowing local primary aluminium capacity to be relocated to areas with abundant resources and environmental advantages outside of the province under the capacity replacement scheme so as to develop new aluminum supply bases.


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