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Shandong Rizhao Port unloaded 6 mln t of imported bauxite in the first eight months of 2019. The port has set its 2019 target of unloading imported bauxite at 8 mln t, a sharp increase from 2.4 mln t in 2018.

Imported bauxite at Rizhao Port is chiefly from Indonesia and is mostly bound for Henan. 900 kt of imported bauxite was unloaded at Rizhao Port in July and 730 kt in August.

Rizhao Port has three bauxite berths, accommodating 105 kt cargo ships at each berth and one large berth, accommodating 180 kt ships. By end-2019, two new large berths allowing 250 kt cargo ships will have been be added. The port is looking to unload 10 mln t of imported bauxite in 2020.

Henan refineries increased their demand for imported bauxite at the beginning of 2019, boosting the overall turnover at Rizhao Port. Rizhao Port presently holds 1 mln t of imported bauxite in stock, with monthly port handling fees at RMB 24.6/t.

Current CIF China prices of Indonesian bauxite at Al2O3 47% min and SiO2 8% max grade are at USD 46/t.


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