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9th May: All necessary yard areas have been covered with green dust-proof nets to reduce dust in the Shanxi Xinfa red-mud stock yard. Other strategies including increasing the frequency of sprinkling, setting up an atomizing spray pipe, are being adopted to reduce the amount of dust in the air.

According to a Shanxi Xinfa representative, red-mud will be treated to reduce the moisture content to approximately 30% and will then be transported by pipe from the refinery to the stock yard. The red-mud will be kept moist in the stock yard, but due to some water evaporation, a small amount of dust will be discharged. The company is strictly enforcing environmental protection standards regarding anti-seepage of the filtrate. Red-mud will undergo an anti-seepage treatment prior to stocking, which can effectively avoid groundwater pollution problems. The company is trying to rectify the source of the problem, to strictly comply with relevant environmental requirements and to ensure that rectification is effective and timely.

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