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Qinghai Western Hydro, designed with 450 ktpy primary aluminium capacity, began restarting its Phase II – 50 ktpy of primary aluminium capacity (68 x 240 kA cells) on 7th September, and will gradually ramp up to full capacity operation within a month’s time.

The company halted 150 ktpy of primary aluminium smelting capacity involving 236 x 240kA cells in November 2018 amid severe losses. Between May to July 2019, the company gradually resumed its Phase I Project- 50 ktpy primary aluminum capacity with 68 sets of 240 kA cells, resulting in the present level of total operational capacity of 350 ktpy.

The company produced 380 kt of primary aluminium in 2018, with 220 kt output for the first eight months of 2019. Western Hydro is planning to restart the remaining 50 ktpy capacity (Phase III) and resume full capacity operation (450 ktpy) by end-2019.

Mainstream aluminium ingot transaction prices were RMB 14,320~14,420/t at Shanghai warehouses this Monday, a decline of RMB 140/t on the previous trading day.


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