Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

14th June: Qinghai’s Carbon Peak Implementation Plan has been released. The Plan stipulates that added value of energy consumption pre unit of finished product of large industrial producers in 2025 is to decrease by 12.5% compared to the figure for 2020, while striving to reach a further target of 14.5%. Additionally, by 2025, the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions in key industries must drop significantly from the level of 2020.

Other points of the plan include:

  • Strengthening the comprehensive utilization of Salt Lake resources. Stabilizing the supply of potassium and aluminium and forming a new model of circular economy.
  • Developing a magnesium downstream production base, expanding the application of magnesium materials, and building a world-class magnesium industry base.
  • Improving technology of lithium production, expanding lithium capacity, and building a world-class lithium battery and light metal material industry base.
  • Improving the aluminium smelting process, enhancing clean production of primary aluminium, aluminium plates, and foils in Qinghai.

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