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Qinghai Baihe Aluminium, designed with 500 ktpy primary aluminium capacity is set to resume 400 ktpy capacity within a month.

According to an inside source, the company will resume 40 ktpy primary aluminium capacity involving 46 sets of 330kA electrolytic cells mid-November and the restart will take approximately one month to complete.

The company has 560 sets of 330 kA cells, with 250 ktpy capacity operational since 2015. It is planning to increase operational capacity to 290 ktpy by-end 2019 after this resumption. Baihe’s 2019 annual output is expected at 250 kt, the same as 2018.

Primary aluminium ingot prices stood at RMB 14,060~14,160/t in Shanghai warehouses this Wednesday, down RMB 20/t from last Tuesday.


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