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Guangxi has bauxite resource reserves 490 mln t, accounting for 48.7% of the national total. With increasing bauxite consumption and problems of ore depletion in Shanxi and Henan, Guangxi, has become a good source of high grade bauxite, with mine life exceeding 15 years. Guangxi’s bauxite mines are mostly located near Baise City, and the current A/S ratio is between 5~8.

There are four alumina refineries in Guangxi, with a total of 7.8mtpy refining capacity, all of which is fully operational. Guangxi refineries mainly use local bauxite, but as capacity expands, local ore supply will be tightened accordingly. In that case, Fangchenggang port and Longbang Port in Guangxi provide convenient bauxite imports.

Backed by favorable policies, Baise Guangxi has been granted sufficient production quotas. A regional power-grid has been established jointly by Pingguo Hualei, Tiandong Power Plant, Yinhai Power Plant and Baise Mining Group Power Plant. Once the power plant is running stably, electricity prices for primary aluminium smelting will be at approximately RMB0.3/kWh. Additionally, with plenty of alumina available locally, Guangxi’s primary aluminum smelters have considerable advantages in China.


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