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Recently, backed by a RMB 5.87 bln investment, RMB 1.4 bln of which is to be  invested in 2019; nine graphite development projects are to restart in Jixi Heilongjiang.

Heilongjiang Jixi Pride New Material Co. Ltd.’s lithium ion battery anode material and graphite deep processing project is the largest graphite project in Jixi. The company plans to invest RMB 500 mln in 2019 to build a 30 ktpy spherical graphite production line and a 20 ktpy anode production line. The former ‘Hengshan Liumao Carbon Co., Ltd.’ – through strategic cooperation with the Battery Co. Ltd. of China Bao’an Group – has jointly established Jixi Longxin Carbon Co., Ltd. Backed by RMB 510 mln investment, the company will spend RMB 100 mln in 2019 to renovate the old workshops and upgrade production lines. Once the project reaches its designed capacity, it will be capable of producing 30 kt of graphite electrodes, 100,000 graphite crucibles and 5,000 tons of high-purity graphite per annum. In the meantime, the construction of Jixi Weida Graphene Industrial Park is underway.

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