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 A new sea freight container trade route from Binzhou Shandong to Panjin Liaoning was opened recently. The 240 nautical mile route is scheduled on a weekly basis, and voyage time will be 22 hours.

The opening of the Binzhou-Panjin route will facilitate alumina shipments from Shandong to Liaoning and IM, indicating that alumina refineries in Shandong such as Weiqiao, Lubei and Luyu Bochuang will be able to ship alumina by sea to Panjin Liaoning for delivery to smelters in the Huolinhe region IM, (via the Panjin railway). On the return trip, coal and primary aluminium ingots produced in the Holinhe region of IM will be transported to ports in Liaoning before being distributed to other destinations.

The rail freight cost from Panjin to Huolinhe IM (by bulk cargo transport) is approximately RMB162.5/t. In comparison, the cost is only RMB130/t by container rail transport, showing obvious cost advantages.



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