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Chongqing Shuijiang Alumina refinery is aiming for 400 kt output for 2019. Shuijiang refinery started operation in April 2019 after being handed over to Bosai Group and has produced 280 kt of alumina to date. The company produced 55 kt of alumina in October and is currently operating at an operational rate of 90%.

According to an internal source, the company has two 400 ktpy alumina production lines. The refinery (originally under Chaco Group) came online in 2010 and suspended operations in 2014. Bosai Group took over management of the refinery from Chalco Group in June 2018. Chongqing Shuijiang refinery now chiefly supply alumina to Bosai smelters in Sichuan.

At present, mainstream alumina prices chiefly stand at RMB 2,520~2,570/t ex works in southwestern China.

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