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23rd February 2021: MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) and MIIT (Ministry of Industrial and Information Technology) published its first batch of rare earth and tungsten mining quotas for 2021.

The first round of tungsten concentrate (WO3 65%) production quotas for 2021 is 63,000 t, including a 46,890 t mining quota and a 16,110 t comprehensive utilization quota.

The 2021 tungsten concentrate (WO3 65%) mining quota has risen by 7,815 t or 20% y-o-y; with growth of 3,605 t from Jiangxi and 2,090 t from Hunan respectively. The 2021 tungsten concentrate (WO3 65%) comprehensive utilization quota rose by 2,685 t y-o-y, with growth of 1,175 t in Henan, 410 t in Hunan and 340 t in Jiangxi.


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