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19th March: MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) and MIIT(Ministry of Industrial and Information Technology) published the first batch of rare earth and tungsten mining quotas for 2019. In 2019, the government will continue to focus on overall control of rare earths and tungsten mining volume.

The first batch of 2019 rare earth (REO) production quota is 60,000 t, including 9,575 t for ion-absorbed rare earths and a 50,425 t quota for rock-type (light) rare earths. The first batch of tungsten concentrate (WO3 65%) production quota is 49,835 t, including a 38,005 t mining quota and a 11,830 t comprehensive utilization quota.

The first batch of quotas in 2019 are based on 50% of the full-year production quota for 2018. The total annual quota will be published Q2 2019, according to policy and market conditions.

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